Boomerang must remain

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PARK PROTECTORS: Jemima Lye, 16, Alannah Newell, 17, Helen Brown, Peter Francis, Rodger Lye, John Brown, Jenn Burton, Monica Jut and Jillian Lye at Boomerang Park. Picture: Ellie-Marie WattsWHY is this happening again?

When is the council going to stop wasting ratepayers’ money, and take responsibility to maintain our 178-year-old Boomerang Park as a valued community asset?

Boomerang Park is a park, a public reserve, and as such it belongs to the people.

The people of Port Stephens are the beneficiaries of forward thinkers who had the vision back in 1837 to gazette Boomerang Park to the people.

It is understood that a councillor’s role is to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers, to provide leadership and guidance to the community and to facilitate communication between the community and the council.

So why is the community’s concerns being ignored by council and many of the councillors?

Port Stephens Council proudly boasts that it is committed to “doing the right thing the best way”.

Stealing a park from the community is not “doing the right thing”: it is wrong.

The process undertaken for the draft Boomerang Park Master Plan is misleading.

It is unfair for the community and for the park, and it is wrong for the council to endorse a plan that has failed to represent the majority of the community.

We as a community have a democratic, fundamental right to have our concerns heard.

Boomerang Park is a wonderful community asset and selling off such an asset must be taken out of the equation once and for all.

Remember the song My Boomerang won’t come back?

Once it’s gone your Boomerang Park won’t come back.

Jillian Lye

Raymond Terrace

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