Look at better ways to save money

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

SO ANDREW thinks the only way to save cash is to close a hospital – never mind the people of the west and north-west who are just dying to get off waiting lists – literally.

At this time the Mersey is owned and funded by the federal government but I understand this agreement is shortly to be brought up for re-negotiation.

In all of this Andrew, could I suggest other ways of saving, take a good hard look at the squandering of monies in the over-governance of this small island of 500,000 people, the supply of cars to every man and his dog (some even with drivers!) for instance.

Another good cash-saver would be not to set up committees ad nauseam and employ consultants paid squillions to come up with solutions to a problem and who rarely do it seems.

Then the millions still being spent on tracking that wily invisible fox – albeit federal money – surely a hospital is of higher priority.

I know the Tasmanian devil is a Tasmanian icon but it would be interesting to know what is being spent on them as opposed to the human icons with the same disease.



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